• Typotoons



  • Workshop Statement (Seminar)

    Play and listen on Internet, write a story with a famous children’s author, design a television set, experience a multi-user 3D game. ln TypoToons, everything is possible! This VPRO (Dutch public broadcaster) project for young people includes Internet, TV and a game element. The programme involves children who interactively make up a story and a TV show. The project is made up of three parts. Each part features animated TypoToons, the 26 letters of the alphabet, who play the leading role.

    The three parts are :

    1. TypoBox (lnternet game)
    2. TypoTV (Animation on TV)
    3. TypoTeam (Multi-user game)

    Produced by VPRO-TV (NL) Youth Department / Frank Alsema. Idea and development in co-operation with IJSFONTEIN Interactive Media (NL). Programming/design letter animation: NOB Virtual Productions (NL). Game development, Androme (B).