D.I.Y. Hypnosis and Hallucination Machines Workshop



  • D.I.Y. Hypnosis and Hallucination Machines Workshop



  • Workshop Statement

    An introductory workshop into the practice of psytronics, hardware hacking, sensory overloading, and electro-mysticism. Is it possible to hypnotise yourself and hallucinate using simple home made electronic devices? This workshop will focus on building simple hardware synths and controlling lights with 555 timer circuits. Once the circuit has been built the participant will then construct a wearable set of goggles, using the inner rolls from toilet roll and tin foil, which will focus the lights directly into their eyes. The rate the lights flicker and the frequency of audio are synchronised and controlled by the participant so they are able to fine tune the device in order to reveal some unusual visual patterns. For example, you may see psychedelic patterns when the rate of the light approaches flicker fusion, or perceive circular motion when the position of the lights are offset from one another. In short, you will create your own personal hypnotic, hallucinogenic flickering noise machine. This workshop is ideal for beginners in hardware hacking and for those interested in psytronics,  stroboscopic light and experimental sound/noise. The participant will learn how to solder, build simple electronic circuits, create a synthesiser and to hypnotise themselves. The participant will keep everything they make during the workshop and take part in a group performance/hypnotic experiment.