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  • Data Gloves



  • In this workshop you will manufacture a pair of “Data Gloves” which are intended to offer an economic and open source alternative for advanced and detailed interaction of VR environments. The “Data Gloves” were developed with the purpose of interacting with the VR environment “Human After”, a piece by Anni Garza Lau. Under the problem of the high cost of a set of commercial gloves, we realized that we had the ability to manufacture a pair of gloves with a very detailed ability to acquire information about the position of the fingers for a fraction of the price. After developing them, I decided that the “Data Gloves” project should be open source, so that any artist or developer had the opportunity to interact in detail with their VR environments with minimal investment. The “Data Gloves” consist of a set of 3D printed parts, a set of common cloth gloves, handmade electronic circuits, low-cost sensors.