Hugo Jesús Vargas Hernández

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  • ISEA2020

    Hugo Jesus Vargas Hernandez, Mexico City, 1989. He studied Communications and Electronics at the IPN. He specializes in designing electronic circuits and mechanisms. He was a collaborator in the Electronic Interfaces Laboratory of the National Center for the Arts (2013-2016) where he gave public consultancies and workshops aimed at art + technology projects. He was a specialist in physical computing and electronic design in Estudio de Iván Abreu (2016-2018). Twice PADID Stimulus Scholar with 3D Printing Technologies applied to Art and Experimentation Platform on the Internet of Things projects. He participated in the Electrical Design area of the Mexican team in the Urban concept category in the Shell EcoMarathon (2018) electric car competition. He is currently a content developer and instructor of Internet of Things in IoT Code (2018-current).


Last Known Location:

  • Mexico City, Mexico


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