Doris and Barry Meet The GUT Force



  • Doris and Barry Meet The GUT Force



  • Workshop Statement

    The Grand Unification Theory (GUT) is a scientific hypothesis that suggests that at specific energy levels electromagnetic, weak nuclear and strong nuclear forces are fused together and become identical in both strength and effect, and so eliminates the illusion of their differences. Using this for inspiration we aim to bring together art, science and digital technology as a starting point to re-image and re-think the city, highlighting the emotions of the city by using psychogeography and détournement. This project aims to cross boundaries in remapping city spaces. Taking the concept of the hidden agenda, come for a walk with Doris and Barry to explore the creating of visual messages and information encompassing a sense of place or location that includes a cultural, social and political existence of the local environment. Workshop participants (within each city) are asked to come up with their own mapping system that explores social and political commentary. Working with design as an activity in public spaces, the workshop will look at areas that reveal an exchange of power, hidden contexts, governance or power structures. It will question if it’s possible to misplace and reuse city visuals, to create disorientation and ambiguity within a new mapping system for the city space, which seeks to empower rather than subjugate? The work produced will be uploaded on a blog site that acts as a transmission of information giving a notion of shared and informed engagement. It also acts as an environment in which we can explore how narrative structures can be designed to allow for multiple readings, that are dependant on location and perspective of the audience, navigation and the designers position. Final outcomes intend to be developed into a visual publication, in the form of a new atlas that remaps city spaces. May The Force Be With You