• Swarm_Istanbul



  • Workshop Statement

    Momentous places and stories become a visual network of stories in the megacity Istanbul and blogosphere. Swarm Istanbul is an interactive movie about being in Istanbul. Emotional map presents life and living.  Swarms of people, short stories and streaming resources networks city with energy that will be presented through an interactive map. The workshop connects physical cityscape to virtual cityscape and allows people to navigate through localized videos to referring videos of same place and similar kind of events in social media and videos. It can be navigated through webpage with laptop or mobile. Participants will learn to do own visual and auditive content from their important places and embed them to their own maps and data streams. The philosophy of documenting the environment is partly derived from ideas based on work of R. Murray Schaeffer and the subject of acoustic ecology. Core idea of the workshop is to hack the notion of city towards self generated geographical and mental map of place rather than environment or notion of public space controlled by authority and media. The work  adopts its background from open source and DIY approach. It allows and hopefully encourages people to build similar kinds of documentary inspired works and maps from their own urban territories. Groups of people in theworkshop will explore the city of Istanbul from their own perspectives with personal mobile cameras and/or tools that can be provided by organizers. Collected visual and sonic data is edited and located to modified map through a collaborative work process. Collection of short films ranging from abstract short glimpses of notions of city to short stories of individual important places is placed to web via google maps, to present a collection of personal views growing as unique small interactive movie about Istanbul. Participants need laptops and mobile devices with cameras or/digital cameras.