Empathy Engine: Sonifying & Visualizing Media Effects Workshop






  • Workshop Statement 

    Empathy Engine: Sonifying & Visualizing Media Effects Workshop teaches participants how to create generative sound and art compositions using data from the Empathy Engine. The empathy engine is an embodied multi-modal, cross-media experience that combines scientific rigor, creative expression and emerging technology to offer new insights into data science and media effects research through generative art and electronic music. It is comprised of biophysical sensors that capture, amplify and parse heart beat, body temperature, blood flow, muscle contraction and spatial data along with 9 channel EEG signals to represent the rhythm and physiological response patterns of embodied thought.

    Details on how the participants should prepare and what to bring

    They should bring their laptops, headphones and an open mind.
    If they don’t already have, they can download:
    be sure to grab 2.7.11

    No prior knowledge required, we’ll go through the set & tech step by step. We believe in open-source tech and open-knowledge sharing without barriers to access. Youth are welcome.