Experimental Electronics: Towards the Post-Digital Era



  • Experimental Electronics: Towards the Post-Digital Era



  • In the workshop we will search for artistic ways to re-use old consumer electronics. We try out different methods to take control of existing hardware with simple tools. We will bend, hack and experiment together with anything we can get our hands on. No prior experience with electronics needed, the workshop is open just to drop by or stay longer as you please. Do bring your old electronics if you have some.

    Koelse: Association of experimental electronics is a group of experimental electronics enthusiasts. They gather old consumer-electronics and transform it into sound producing devices. With these experimental devices they play concerts, build installations out of them and teach how to build similar things. Their mission is to show that you can turn your own electronic waste into interesting audiovisual experiments. Koelse´s projects have been seen and heard around Europe on festivals, museums, galleries and alternative art spaces since 2002.

    This project is part of a Pixelache Special Feature at ISEA2010 RUHR, co-produced with Pixelache and supported by AVEK and the Finnish Embassy.

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