Field Processing: Lighthub light-soundwalk



  • Field Processing: Lighthub light-soundwalk



  • Theme: Interactive – Networked – Human Computer Interaction

    The “Field Processing: Lighthub” workshop and light-soundwalk focus on the essence of electric lights, which is fundamentally different from natural light sources. The designs of technogenic light streams are based on human visual inertia. They carry a significant amount of information hidden from the human eye but visible to other species and located within the temporal limits of our auditory perception.

    Participants of the workshop will learn how to turn their smartphones and other electronic audio equipment into tools for direct sonification of electromagnetic fields by means of special converters designed in frames of the author’s «Field Processing» project.

    Using these converters during the light-soundwalk participants will have the opportunity to synesthetically investigate the city’s light environment created by various electrical sources such as advertisements, car headlights, and street lighting systems, and become performers of a cartographic piece from the Lighthub cycle. The performers of these pieces, simultaneously moving along pre-agreed routes, record the modulations of the city light streams. During the recording, each route unfolds in time in the form of a unique sound piece.

    During the workshop participants will also learn how auralization, ambisonics, spatial audio and Web-VR techniques can be used for pre-recorded audio pieces recombination in virtual acoustic space saving topological orientation and for the creation of a lighting map of the area saved in sound.

    Representation of this map using Web-VR will allow us to directly hear how the urban environments can be perceived by non-human species living in them.