Gesture, Sound and Place



  • Gesture, Sound and Place



  • Gesture, sound and place: an immersive exploration of body-mapped sonic territories in two audio/visual works: SoundLabyrinth and Action A/V. This 90 minute workshop immerses participants in a 24-channel ambisonic audio/visual installation, allowing them to explore the relationship between physical gesture, sound and place. Set within a 6m (diameter) geodesic dome, participants will be able to explore two audio/visual artworks: SoundLabyrinth and Action A/V. Gesture analysis within each of the installations operates on a number of levels, including spatial position and motion tracking, effort type and posture recognition for setting overall sound content and global parameters, as well as direct gestural control of specific sound and vision manipulation mechanisms.
    Workshop Description:
    Participants will have the opportunity to investigate the gestural recognition and control mechanisms used in the installation, and reconfigure the interaction system in order to gain an understanding of the practical relationships between movement, sound and vision at the software and hardware level.