Interactive Performances for Dance, Sound and Biosignals



  • Interactive Performances for Dance, Sound and Biosignals



  • This workshop will focus on understanding the meaning and possibilities of different physiological signals (biosignals) and the technologies available to measure them. We will demonstrate the use of different biosensors and discuss the creative methods used in our work at Emovere project, which focuses on developing interactive dance performances that utilize biosignals to amplify, understand and connect with the internal functions of the human body. We use physiological signals such as electromyography (EMG), electrocardiography (ECG) and electrodermal activity (EDA) as materials that access an intimate and – usually – inaccessible biological dimension that is in constant change, affected by external and internal stimuli.

    The workshop will explore the rationale behind interaction designs, compositional techniques and outcomes of different artistic pieces that utilize biosignals in performance scenarios. Participants will join in a co-creative experience using their heart rate and speech with the objective of creating a collaborative sound environment that builds on explorations around sound poetry and biofeedback.