Introduction to 3-D Computer Animation



  • Introduction to 3-D Computer Animation



  • Workshop Statement

    Three dimensional animation is rapidly becoming the medium of choice for artistic expression in the 90’s. Whereas 3- D was formerly available only to those with access to the most powerful and expensive supercomputers. However as faster and less costly processors become available, 3-D comes closer in reach of the general artistic community. To this end, ISEA96 will present an introductory workshop by the well- known animator Michael O’Rourke. The workshop, presented in cooperation with Intergraph Corporation and Softlmage will explore the fundamental principles behind 3-D, as well as the possibilities offered by the WindowsNT operating system and Intergraph’s new multiprocessor graphics workstations.The workshop will be in two sessions: a morning tutorial and an afternoon hands-on workshop.The tutorials will consist of a half day of lectures, slides and video demonstrations on the principles which underlie 3D computer animation. Attention will be paid to modeling concepts, rendering concepts, basic & advanced animation techniques, compositing techniques and recording. The workshop will consist of demonstrations and hands-on exercises. The bulk of the time will be spent with the participants actually working, in small groups, at their workstations.