Introducing the Data and Data Providers

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  • Introducing the Data and Data Providers



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    At the City of Sydney, we collect considerable data to measure how we’re tracking against our 2030 sustainability goals. The findings are detailed in regular publicly available progress reports, but we like the idea of making data open source – that is, free, easy to get at and available to do with as you please. We think open data is a great platform for transparency, accountability and efficiency and it can stimulate a whole new level of innovation and active dialogue on environmental issues.
    There are two main sources of data available for Sensing Sydney – our own historical and real time City of Sydney data, as well as information from some key organisations that were keen to get in on the act. This data was provided to participants at the City Data Slam and was offered to those applying for the Sensing Sydney public art commission to use in the development of their proposals for Art & About.