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  • Introduction to image-based investigation | INDEX


  • Theme: Architectures – Territoires and (Re)invented Alliances

    Keywords: Open Source, OSINT, media investigation, frame match, augmented image, 2D/3D, citizen investigation

    Led by the INDEX team, the workshop offers an introduction to the practice of image-based research. Mixing a methodological, technical and critical approach, the workshop focuses on practice by inviting participants to conduct online research, analysis and synchronization of videos, in order to extract all available information and organize it for investigative purposes. The workshop will conclude with a demonstration of techniques and tactics for augmenting footage for evidentiary purposes by moving into 3D modeling, which allows access to what lies outside the frame of each image.

    This workshop is a hands-on introduction to the field of open source investigation. It is intended for anyone who is curious about OSINT, digital technologies and the relationship to contemporary images. A basic experience in video editing is recommended. The workshop is planned for 8 to 16 participants.

    In preparation for the workshop, here is a folder containing a series of files you will need. [link misses]

    Before the workshop, we strongly recommend reading Hannah Arendt’s text, “Truth and Politics”. We will build on it during the first part of the workshop. In addition, for the practical part of the workshop, you will need a laptop computer, connected to the internet.

    In order to do the exercises, please install the following software (free and/or open source) on your laptop: MediaInfo (metadata analysis) & Da Vinci Resolve (video editing)

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