• KulturWalk



  • The inner city KulturWalk runs between the Port Natal Maritime Museum and Old Fort Gardens, passing through four designated heritage hubs. A pilot KulturWalk is scheduled to take place on Saturday 30 June between 09h30 and 12h30 aimed at delegates of ISEA 2018 Durban. The KulturWalk is set to be launched in Heritage Month September 2018 for members of the public. Kultur Rangers will highlight places of interest along the route. The four designated heritage hubs are: Port Natal Maritime Museum, Town Square City Hall star walk, KwaMuhle Museum, and Old Fort Gardens. The KulturWalk App will chart the sensual landscape of a city. Measurement factors such as happiness, forwardness, evocability, vibrancy, walkability, rhythms, visceral mood, and city image are key elements in shaping and future-fitting a great city. Digital elements that will feature in the KulturWalk include apps, QR codes and electronic signage that provide historical and cultural information and outline a route that draws participants into the redesigned Embankment curving around the People’s Port.