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  • The internet is an incredible vast space where people can come together and it generate its own culture from within. The Internet acts as more than a final space for a gif, a meme or an animation, but a is rather a perpetual cycle of iterations; a space for continuous, dynamic production where experimentation and interactivity are encouraged. This workshop acts as a ‘micro residency’ exploring the concepts that occur in Floating Reverie’s  2Week residency programme. The workshop will start off with a short introduction to Internet art, exploring the space as a dynamic and exciting medium for artist process and practice to emerge. Floating Reverie will be introduced and past residencies shown as examples and inspiration. After this initial introduction to the workshop’s content and outline, participants will be given a chance to come up with their own concepts for their ‘micro residency’ which will then be discussed amongst the group. Participants will then be given a deadline of producing every hour for four hours, with final presentations of the residency occurring afterwards. The final micro residency outcomes will then be displayed in the evening.