MINDtouch: Mobile Video Creativity Workshop






  • Workshop Statement

    Come get involved in a participatory performance art project using mobile video with Canadian media artist and curator, Camille Baker. She will guide you through a series of activities using and creating personal abstract videos to explore ways to communicate visually, gesturally and non-verbally repurposing the mobile device’s means of communication and expression. Camille Baker will facilitate participants to explore embodied visual expression through mobile video practice developed from MINDtouch : Embodied Transference, mobile video research workshops for SMARTlab PhD project (2007-2010). This workshop explores mobile video/media on phones for their immediacy, low quality – imperfectness, but with spontaneity that is at the speed of thought – with its rewriting, superimposing, and remixing of ideas, flashes and clashes of images and emotion, layering of meaning and stream of consciousness and equivalent and/or simulation of telepathy and collective (if chaotic) intelligence. The participants invited to participate in the video experience will explore their own consciousness, non-verbal emotional/affective senses and dream states, as well as embodiment and communication, using mobile media tools to express themselves non-verbally. Participants are guided through exercises to create intimate instant video expressions to explore ways to communicate visually, gesturally and non-verbally, repurposing the mobile device’s means of communication and connection. Participants are asked to bring their own video phone or camera phones and an open mind. Participants in a group are led through a 10 minute meditation/guided visualization/exploration of senses as preparation. Each participant then takes their video phone and is given 3-4 separate activities to record, based on themes or goals provided, to represent certain types of internal emotions, thoughts, perceptions and sensations.