Mobile Tagging as Tools for Augmented Reality



  • Mobile Tagging as Tools for Augmented Reality



  • Workshop Statement

    The objective of this workshop is to describe the potentialities of mobile tagging (2D barcodes like QRcodes) as a tool for increasing and spreading the effects of mixed realities in art. In this sense, we will start introducing the main concepts and some examples of mixed realities followed by the concepts and examples of mobile tagging, showing that they are connected and benefit each other. Mixed reality (MR) refers to the fusion of the physical and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. On the other hand, mobile tagging is the process of reading a 2D barcode using a mobile device camera. Allowing the encryption of URLs in the barcodes, the mobile tagging can add a digital and/or online layer to any physical object, providing several levels of mixed realities related to that object. The uses of these levels of mixed realities have applications in several areas from medicine and engineering to the arts. Although mixed realities technologies have existed for decades, they were expensive and usually confined to the lab. Nowadays mobile devices (cellphones, smartphones, PDAs) can be used as tools for mixed realities. Due to their pervasiveness and low cost their potentiality for increasing the dissemination of mixed realities is enormous and can be leveraged by mobile tagging as described next: There are many types of mobile tags (2D-barcodes), the QRCodes and Datamatrix being the most popular formats. It is possible to encrypt many kinds of data into them: texts, contact information and URLs. Since the mobile tags are simple inexpensive printed tags that can be placed in virtually any physical object or person in addition to the fact that cell phones with cameras have become a very popular and pervasive device, the mobile tagging process can be said to be one of the easiest and simplest ways of creating mixed realities and one of the ways of contributing to the internet of things. In other words, mobile tags work like physical links to the web, allowing virtually anything to be part of an expanded mixed reality environment. In this workshop, the audience will use their own notebooks and mobile devices. People with only mobile devices will be able to participate.