Paisajes Reactivos



  • Paisajes Reactivos



  • A reagent is a substance that produces a chemical reaction the moment it interacts with another. The result is a product with different characteristics and properties. Reagents are the basis for many activities related to applied sciences and are often used to detect or separate specific elements. They are classified according to their purity or specific use: reagents for analysis that are of lesser purity, pure and special used for analysis techniques. Hicham
    Berrada has transferred its use to the field of art, shifting it from science and technology to a visual sphere, where experimentation becomes the center of the work, devoid of hypotheses to verify or substances to unveil. The scientific knowledge that Berrada applies in his visual experiments is naturally bound to his artistic practice, in the same way that a painter is
    involved with supports, pigments and binders. Hicham Berrada will hold a workshop for artists based on their artistic practice, a cross between science and art.