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  • We now collect huge amounts of data – about energy and water usage, about waste and about the various programs we have like green roofs and car sharing. It’s vital information, and we duly publish it on our website and in regular reports. But frankly, it’s hard to get people interested or excited by it. So this is where artists come in. For the City Data Slam we asked twelve artists to bring the figures to life in ways that illuminate and celebrate our collective efforts to deal with environmental challenges.

    The City Data Slam at ISEA2013 has been one giant jam session, with the brief to turn boring data into beautiful art. It’s about finding ways to engage people, to make them care, to show how all those tiny, almost invisible actions can actually amount to significant changes in our world. Artists can play a key role here, opening our minds to new possibilities, as recognised in our recently released Creative City discussion paper.

    The City of Sydney was delighted to have joined with ISEA2013, with Carbon Arts and Object Gallery to launch Sensing Sydney, a project to communicate sustainability through the arts, open data and public space. I’d like to thank all of the participants in the City Data Slam and indeed, in this international symposium on electronic art. Artists really do make a difference.