Synchronous Objects and “what else”



  • Synchronous Objects and "what else"



  • From dance to data to objects, Synchronous Objects (published on-line in April 2009: reveals the interlocking systems of organization in William Forsythe’s ensemble dance One Flat Thing, reproduced (2000). Those systems were quantified through the collection of data and transformed into a series of objects – synchronous objects – that work in harmony to explore those choreographic structures, reveal their patterns, and reimagine ‘what else’ they might look like. In this Motion Lab exchange, Synchronous Objects co-creative director Norah Zuniga Shaw and philosopher Erin Manning will explore how the ideas in the project have circulated in the year since its launch and consider what philosophical enquiry might bring to bear on the topic of ‘what else’.

    Full text (PDF) p. 132-135