Touchstone Audio Exciter Workshop



  • Touchstone Audio Exciter Workshop



  • Workshop Statement

    In this workshop, participants will learn to build a wearable audio technology experiment proposed by the partners of Mr. Bricolage. The Touchstone is a mobile and tactical media broadcast platform worn on the hands of performers and activists. Touchstone is a strategy for contesting the urban/performance landscape rather than a product. The workshop will consist of demonstrations, discussions about strategies for use, and most importantly a hands on workshop to build Touchstone devices. The culmination of the workshop will be a local performance and/or action. The workshop is open to all levels of experience in electronics (beginners are very welcome). We also encourage local activists, artists, and performers to contact us if they are interested in participating, but may have limitations to attending. The technology of Touchstone is built upon audio exciter circuits embedded in gloves which transform the hands of an agent into broadcast transmitters. Touchstone agents activate objects as  temporary/ad-hoc public address systems, by simply pressing their palms against it. Touchstone is a discrete technology platform: (1) it is virtually invisible on the garb of a performer/agent and (2) it is light and flexible; agents or performers can easily move (or escape). Moreover, it is a cinch to produce; the system does not require advanced electronics knowledge and is easily assembled from surplus, inexpensive, and/or widely available consumer technology. A limited number of additional kits may be available for workshop participants at cost.