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Artist Statement:

    .Semantic Disturbance, Yoga session on your trip to the Brahama’s,
    Martial Artists for UN, Domain-Squatting Business Model, and more…

    Cool Media Hot Talk Show
    programmed online by the public



    TOPIC: Creative Resistance, New Media as Soft Arms
    SPEAKERS: A. Andreas, Peter Luining, Casting International
    QUESTIONS: ask-it-yourself now and during the show at: http://

    Special: performance Ey’ Ar

    Friday, September 14, 20.30 CET
    video stream and interface for online participation: http://
    location: De Balie, Amsterdam www.debalie.nl (bring your laptops and

    “How to avoid life itself becoming an immaterial product?”


    A. Andreas (.nl) is an artist and publisher of Nictoglobe, a quartely
    web artzine online since 1986, curator for the online Gallery d+n+r.
    Projects: Semantic Disturbances, Web Uebermahlung.

    Peter Luining (.nl) is an artist, curator and theorist, author of the
    interactive web based project ‘clickclub’, interactive public art
    work BGO MUI*5, and others.

    Casting International(.nl) stands for an artist and filmmaker,
    initiator of ‘Reality TV of the Purple Knights’, the proposed audio-
    visual troops of the UN. Producer of a.o. ‘One Way Ticket Homeland’,
    a DVD about the position of refugees in The Netherlands.

    Ey’ Ar: your virtual flight to Eleutheropolis, the capital of the
    Brahama’s. An inner journey into yourself, guided by the Brahamian
    Intelligence Service. Critical audiovisuals combined with live Yoga.
    The public is encouraged to participate.

    MORE INFO about this edition of Cool Media Hot Talk Show: the topic,
    speakers, their statements and projects, can be found at: http://

    ARCHIVED VIDEO STREAMS of the previous editions of Cool Media Hot
    Talk Show: http://www.coolmediahottalk.net/archive.jsp