“CorpusElectric Fashion Show” by The CorpusElectric Collective

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    CorpusElectric Fashion Show

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Artist Statement:

    CorpusElectric is a tech-fashion collaboration between Media Arts students from New Mexico Highlands University, the Taos Runway Vigilantes and students from the ISEA2012 Visiting Artists Teaching Program. Workshops are being held in Taos and Las Vegas, New Mexico. Focusing on girls and technology, participants develop STEM skills through integrating technology into wearable costumes and accessories, and in production of multimedia backdrops and lighting. The project is lead by artists Megan Jacobs, Miriam Langer, Stacy Romero, Nina Silfverberg and Tatyana de Pavloff. The CorpusElectric collective presents a fashion show during Intel Education Day.


    Johnny Alvarez, Daniela de Angeli, Mary Basler, Nick Cassados, Gabe Garcia, Elizabeth Gomez, Miriam Langer, Stephanie Marcus, Tatyana de Pavloff, Stacy Romero, Shanoa Leigh Rosby, Nina Silverton, Deanna Threadgill, Matthew Threadgill, Daisy Trudell, Siah Trudell, Tara Trudell & Shawna Yambire, New Mexico Highlands University, USA

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  • 2012 Taos Runway Vigilantes students CorpusElectric
  • Photo by Wim van der Plas



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