“Acqua Alta” by Claire Bardainne, Adrien Mondot

  • ©, Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot, Acqua Alta


    Acqua Alta

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Artist Statement:

    Southern Winter Exhibitions 2023 at Hangars Numériques, May 16 – 21, then August 1 – 15 

    Acqua Alta: Crossing the mirror, 2019-2020
    A pop-up and augmented reality book.

    By viewing them through a tablet, the ten double-pages of the book Acqua Alta – Crossing the Mirror become small theaters, where a dance form unfolds thanks to the custom-developed application. Folded white papers and ink drawings meet in a graphic purity and the simplicity of black and white, the artificial life of dancing miniature beings in a world imbued with the imagination of water. An experience at the crossroads of theater, dance, comics, animated films and video games.

    The Acqua Alta – First Rain drawing is an autonomous board, an extension of the world of the book, which constitutes the setting for a dance scene, visible in augmented reality.

    Designed, produced and edited by Adrien M & Claire B, the Acqua Alta project tells a story. A woman, a man, a house. An absurd daily life full of discord. But one rainy day, life turns upside down: the rising waters engulf the house in a sea of ​​ink. The woman slips and disappears. All that remains of her is her hair. Living. It is the story of a catastrophe, particular and universal. It is the story of a loss and a quest. It is the story of the fear of the strange and otherness, and of its taming.

Other Information:

    Technical description:
    App – Free – The augmented reality experience is accessible with the AQA application, functional on recent phones and tablets (2017-2021) and compatible with ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android) on adrienm-claireb.net/acqua-alta/app