“Haunted Telegraph” by Véronique Béland

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    Haunted Telegraph

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Artist Statement:

    Exhibition at 36 degrés and Galerie Charlot, June 6 – 18

    Generative & Interactive Sound Installation
    400 x 160 x 180 centimeters

    Connected to sensors making it possible to broaden the threshold of human perception, the receiver of a needle telegraph reacts to variations drawn from its immediate environment. This approach consists of training artificial intelligence to analyze imperceptible phenomena – the evolution of electromagnetic waves present in space in different forms – in order to detect meaning: words, words, sentences, etc.

    Sitting in front of this device, the spectator is first invited to listen to the sound produced by this strange machine, which transposes the flow studied by the neural network into audible frequencies: a sort of fluctuating white noise, whose modulations sometimes resemble to the formants of the voice. When occurrences are found by the voice recognition program, the telegraph activates to transmit these messages from the invisible – whether they are understandable or not. All machine activity is recorded in a logbook which traces the history of the information deciphered by the neural network.

    Thanks to a capture system which filters the audio signal to isolate the dominant frequencies, the visitor can interact with the work and contribute their presence in this quest for something beyond – a way of paying attention on what normally escapes.

    If we seem prisoners of the illusion of a single world, this installation attempts to reveal the imagination of other possible worlds, parallel or underlying this one, by relying on the technological promises of the future to propose a new reading of the present.

    Design and Production: Véronique Béland
    Computer Programming – Sound Processing & Interactivity: Alexandre Burton
    Computer Programming – Deep Learning: Léo Dubus
    Design Sensors & Telegraph Mechanization: FabLab Les Usines
    Drawing Scenography Plans: Sophie Laroche
    Scenography Coordination: FabLab Factories
    Ironwork: Strukenfer


    A delegated production Association AY128 – Les Usines, produced in co-production with Avatar, Le Lieu Multiple / Espace Mendès-France Poitiers and the Chroniques platform, supported by the Regional Council of the South Region and the City of Marseille and the French Institute in Paris , coordinated by Première Nature and ZINC. A project supported by the plastic and visual arts sector contract in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Ministry of Culture, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and Astre Network). With the support of the CCSTI – Neo-Aquitaine Network of Scientific Culture.


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  • 2023 Béland Haunted Telegraph
  • 2023 Béland Haunted Telegraph



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