Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Nagy, Anita Pozna: Induction House: Prototyping Architecture, Engineering Media

  • ©, Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Nagy, and Anita Pozna, Induction House: Prototyping Architecture, Engineering Media


    Induction House: Prototyping Architecture, Engineering Media

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Artist Statement:

    Induction House is an architecture prototype looking into ways of treating digital media as physical matter. The surface of a computer projection is unfolded onto a structure, becoming a spatial experience.
    Aether Architecture is an adventurous collaboration between Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Hudini and Anita Pozna. Our focus is on design research relating to spatialities in actual and virtual environments. Our driving force is to create a valid architectural response to the rapidly changing social spaces of the information and media society, where information and its re-organizing effects have dramatically altered our perception and understanding of spaces.

    Such new architectures are not yet present, so to test new concepts, our investigations are carried out through the making of ‘architecture prototypes’ – installations that combine both physical design and engineering as well as computer programming and graphics. Our media design focuses on low-tech solutions by re-appropriating existing tools and technologies for new functionalities. These installations – for example Aether Induction House – are then presented to the public, where the exhibition is used as a test bed for later evaluation in order to assess how certain issues and spatialities are responded to by visitors and professional discourse

    AETHER ARCHITECTURE is a Barcelona->Budapest->Stockholm design and research collaborative focusing on architecture, digital media, interaction design and related academic teaching. Work is produced on various platforms, in different collaborations.