Lin Yew Cheang, San Yen Liew, Guan Hong Yeoh: Shifting Nature

  • ©, Lin Yew Cheang, San Yen Liew, and Guan Hong Yeoh, Shifting Nature


    Shifting Nature

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    Shifting Nature is an interactive art installation that provides a visual projection by tracing the movement of users within the exhibition space. The installation was influenced by minimal art principles based on the theory that art is created out of simple unitary forms, which will be distorted by human interaction.

    Shifting Nature is a study of graphic visual forms, projected onto semitransparent glass in order to represent nature’s influences on human development in art, culture and the living environment. The visual, aural and interactive elements of this installation enable the audience to experience unusual visual sensations when encountering the work.

    The installation creates a reaction to space and the environment. It is a representation of a continuous activity, bringing back a sense of belonging and a deeper understanding about the relationship between man, nature and technology. One unique aspect to the work is its ‘multiple-point’ interactive technique that enables the installation to detect and react to multiple user movements/interactions simultaneously.

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