Alain Escale: The Tale of the Floating World

  • ©, Alain Escale, The Tale of the Floating World


    The Tale of the Floating World

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Artist Statement:

    In the morning of 6th August 1945, a bright light invaded the edge of the floating world The chock, A violent blast. Bodies that stretched out the pain. The dreams of the past in the present, The visions of the future in the past. The child who he was, before… Before the flash struck. Before the world was disturbed…

    Production notes:
    “The Tale of the Floating World” is an animation film composed of the real characters shot in Japan and the mixture of new and traditional (film, video, photo, illustration and artificial images etc) techniques. A free evocation and surrealist of Japan and of the atomic bomb, in the form of an imaginary story, cruel and childlike. The dark visions, light, calm even agitated by the strange fantasy of the mutated world.


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