Barbara Doser: see you see me

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    see you see me

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Artist Statement:

    Eyes look, observe; a tangle of signals / information in real and virtual space, which are to be deciphered to be understood. What is to be seen? -What is seen? – What is to be heard? – What is heard? – What can be perceived, can be understood, how and from whom? Something seems to irritate. The picture is breaking down and somebody is asking: ”Do I have to take tests already now?” Who is controlled by whom? Text information is faded in: “Tessa’s Herz zog sich zusammen. Sie bekarn ein eigenartiges Gefuhl in ihrem Magen. ‘Welch schmutzigen Dinge, und wer ist wer?’” Somebody called Babel Fish translates: “The inner side of Tessa has concluded an agreement. Basic counting utilities grew in her stomach. ‘What sort of dirty things and who is who?’” What has happened? Fact is: the translation is totaly wrong … or is it a matter of codification? – A true story, its topic is interpretation – Towards less information.


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