“… and the walls threw back echoes…” by Sabine Vogel, Kathy Hinde

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    … and the walls threw back echoes…

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Artist Statement:

    Images influence sound and sounds influence image within a constantly changing installation. A live performance leaves traces that become part of the evolving installation. /… and the walls threw back echoes…/ is concerned with memory, resonance, and the changing states of matter. Barely audible sounds become audible, and fragments of small objects from barely visible environments are projected at a large scale.

    Sabine Vogel takes the sounds from inside her flute, exploring the microcosmic sound world of the flute, and transports these sounds into a sound-able-hear-able world, thus bringing what is inside to the outside. She combines this world of sound with self-made field recordings, the natural macrocosm of existing sound, forming a composed mixture between the macro and the microcosmic.

    Kathy Hinde works in an interdisciplinary manner, combining artforms in a live context. Her aesthetic combines the hi-tech with the lo-tech for example, using physical computing to control the movement of objects, lights and cameras. The changing states of matter (eg, water, ice, steam) is a recurring theme in her art, alongside an ongoing concern with environmental change.

    Performance and installation by ORNIS, Project supported by STEIM, Amsterdam, NL. Sabine Vogel : composition, flutes, live electronics, Kathy Hinde: live video, objects.



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