“And. Then.” by Bob Last

  • ©, Bob Last, And. Then.
  • ©, Bob Last, And. Then.
  • Stills from laser disc © Bob Last


    And. Then.

Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Laserdisc multi-monitor installation

Artist Statement:

    The piece consists of two 70cm video screens, one viewed through a 850mm x 720mm aperture of fluorescent orange ripstop nylon, and the other through paper-mache aperture culled from the pages of an illustrated encyclopedia.

    Each screen presents part of a larger than lifesize face. A young boy and a middle-aged man peer out at the world and away from each other. A blurred landscape passes behind them.

    The two fragmentary video portraits are cycled off laser discs, allowing a high resolution continuous loop of a short clip.


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