“Shroud” by Gordon Lescinsky

  • ©, Gordon Lescinsky, Shroud



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Artist Statement:

    These works are the result of an automated process. I design a program which relies on randomly generated numbers and parameters supplied by myself, to produce a series of abstract, rather architectural images. These pictures Shroud and Closeup, are two out of hundreds of various outcomes. Closeup is in fact a highly magnified section of Shroud (magnified twenty times).

    The process I use to create images is recursive, or fractal. All that is defined at the beginning is a set of rules specifying in rough terms how to arrange and colour the basic elements of the image. However, the basic elements themselves are images made using the same general system of rules, and so on ad infinitum. This is why Closeup is just as fascinating and detailed as Shroud, and why a closeup of Closeup would be as well. Each image contains twenty eight million pixels. The images were computed using an AT&T Pixel Machine, a supercomputer specially designed for producing very complex computer graphics.


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