Andrea Polli, Chuck Varga: Cloud Car

  • ©, Andrea Polli and Chuck Varga, Cloud Car


    Cloud Car

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Artist Statement:

    Any conversation about the environment inevitably comes to the automobile. Necessary for the movement of people, goods and services, automobiles are essential to the lives of most urban residents, but with these benefits come serious consequences: polluted air, dangerous roads, noise and congestion. Increasingly, we look at the world through the window of a car, airplane, or other transportation vehicle, less and less aware of what’s going on outside. The connection between the automobile, life and the air in the city is explored through Cloud Car, a car fitted with special effects equipment that produces a cloud of mist, enveloping car and rider. In-person guides stationed near the car distribute fact sheets and encourage passersby to discuss the environment, automobiles and traffic in the city.

    The most devastating impact of the automobile is its effect on air quality. Automobile pollution causes cancer, respiratory problems and heart disease. Research suggests that air pollution is responsible for 310,000 premature deaths in Europe yearly (BBC News, Feb 21 2005) In contrast to severe smogs in the 1950 and 1960s, air pollution levels across Belfast are generally low. However, there are areas in Belfast where automobile air pollution remains a problem. (edie. net, Jan 21 2008) Beyond damage to our bodies is the fact that automobile emissions contribute to global warming. Cars emit a huge amount of CO2, 20 pounds per gallon of gas. The effects of CO2 are widespread: rising sea levels, habitat destruction, extreme weather and the spreading of infectious diseases.