Andreas Schlegel, Vladimir Todorovic: Ground Pulse

  • ©, Andreas Schlegel and Vladimir Todorovic, Ground Pulse


    Ground Pulse

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Custom built seismometer interfaced with Arduino with xbee radio, headphone set, screen, computer

Artist Statement:

    Ground Pulse is the new Syntfarm’s mobile unit that enables artists to perform with impulses gathered from the movement of the ground. Design of the Ground Pulse is based on the Lehman’s seismometer principle. The unit is capable of detecting minute movements of the ground including: long distance earthquakes and short distance impulses produced by human bodies.

    This unit is connected to the Syntfarm’s output ‘box’, with a wireless connection. Generative processes that visualise and sonify the input data drive the output of the system. By focusing and exploring the translations of the body movements into synthetic world of real time visualization and sonifications, Syntfarm are developing a system, which can be used to enhance and make the experiences and learning from natural environments more accessible to others.