“Anima” by Ofentse Letebele

  • ©, Ofentse Letebele, Anima



Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Video Installation

Artist Statement:

    Anima explores the individual space of the unconscious mind of the male. This seemingly dormant part of the mind is the feminine principle, and lies constantly active based on Jungian theories. Through the abstraction of pixels, the artist attempts to simulate and animate the metamorphosis of the relation between the conscious and the unconscious in its transcendental chaos. The simulation is further accompanied by trance inducing tribal chants that are multi layered to express and trigger the unconscious mind. Within the context of Batswana people and Bantu people at large, a man’s sensitivity must often lie repressed. Due to this conventional outward composure, the inwardly directed anima becomes one of the most significant complexities in its autonomy. The feminine unconscious carries important psychological qualities within a man, and thus creates the necessary balance of archetypical consciousness.




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