“Southern Identities Laboratory” by Cecilia Vilca, José-Carlos Mariátegui double/delete, Francesco Mariotti, Elisa Arca Jarque

  • ©, Cecilia Vilca, Francesco Mariotti, Elisa Arca Jarque, and José-Carlos Mariátegui, Southern Identities Laboratory


    Southern Identities Laboratory

Artist(s) and People Involved:





Art Event Affiliation:

    Alta Tecnologia Andina

Artist Statement:

    What is the South? How to build an identity when the mere act of searching is already a political act as the subject ceases to be an object of exotic study in order to define itself? This itinerant laboratory of epistemological decolonization uses scientific tools and methods for an artistic purpose. It is based on the idea that some disciplines regarded as neutral are tinged with a Western halo of tautological and epistemological construction. Technology understood not only as a device, but as a process, is perceived as a bridge to ancestral knowledge that evades the autocracy of Western aesthetics and narrative as it connects past and future.

    This screening showcased the results of the corresponding workshop.

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