Anne-Sarah Le Meur: Where It Wants To Appear/Suffer

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    Where It Wants To Appear/Suffer

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Artist Statement:

    Artistic concept:
    Where It Wants To Appear/Suffer is a presentation of abstract phenomena. Simple surfaces meet. Their slow movements, their often fibrous textures, the chosen colors, the small amount of light that makes them appear … give the impression that different scales of representation are condensed: the three natural kingdoms (animal, vegetable and mineral), different environments (underwater or intra-body). Unexpected and unknown visual sensations are aroused more directly, in a strange intimacy, as if it would emanate from the origin.

    Technical realization:
    Where It Wants To Appear/Suffer (World Tool Kit, C language) is the first step towards the creation of a virtual environment using real time 3D computer graphics. It will be immersive (a 360 degree panorama) and interactive: phenomena will react to the viewer’s behavior, the speed of his rotation, and his angle of vision. This explains why a little arrow appears sometimes, it allows the shapes to be approached or moved. It will disappear in the end. I animate one to three grids (10 X 10) by displacing their points (vertexes). My work concentrates on the sensitivity of texture, light, and color.


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