“B-face” by Diego Paonessa

  • ©2014-2015, Diego Paonessa, B-face



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    Digital print

Artist Statement:

    B-face is a project that proposed hide all textual information of the user interface. All readable element will delete for get a layer of information about the organization of the screen. The procedure tries to reveal the different visual aspects of communication, detecting the component layers and highlight the semantic nature of the tool. Proposes an alternative to undress and examine the structure of the interface. Is a resistance attempt to face the daily over-information.

    The context of his work is characterized by the use of tools and procedures, where the technique is formally manifested as practical and as theme of his work. The training acquired during the industrial school is present as application and conceptual axis. He combines different languages, such as video, installation and drawing.
    Has focused its research on the relationship between artistic production and production technique. Taking this idea as a starting point, his proposal is developed in two lines:
    – Procedures, processes and mechanisms of production.
    – Social configuration of technology, intervention and use of tools.


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