Carl Lindh, Simon O’Sullivan, Kajsa Thelin, Ola Stahl: Counter/Cartographies

  • ©, Carl Lindh, Simon O’Sullivan, Kajsa Thelin, and Ola Stahl, Counter/Cartographies



Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    Group C.Cred explores local socio-political terrain in Tallinn and how it could be mapped, also what kind of trajectories could be found. C.Cred works collaboratively with local artists, activists and collectives and will during the event be developing local platforms including an installation of the existing Counter/Cartographies archives linked to a series of informal live events: walks, drives, journeys; dinner, drinks, discussions or interviews. Certain aspects of these events are documented as cartographies by themselves and added to the expanded archive/cartographies and installations.