Ian Clothier: The District of Leistavia Welcomes You

  • ©, Ian M. Clothier, The District of Leistavia Welcomes You


    The District of Leistavia Welcomes You

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    The District of Leistavia Welcomes You was created specifically for ISEA 2004. It is part of the interRepublic of Hybridia, a non-geographical entity whose borders are mediated by digital files. Leistavia is a hybrid cultural space influenced by Pitcairn Island, Norfolk Island and Estonian cultures.

    Questioning the boundary between and technology and culture is one of the main concerns of this project. Cultural theorists today are examining culture from the point of view of processes of change rather than fixed tradition — giving rise to the consideration of cultural hybridisation.

    The project set out to Locate intercultural connections between Estonian, Norfolk Island and Pitcairn Island cultures. These connections were overlapped to create a hybrid culture — Leistavia. A constitution voting form was drafted, influenced by aspects of concern to people of the contributing nations, as located on the Internet and via email. Open voting determined the final constitution.

    The process of creating the art work is documented on the website art-themagazine.com; an anti-video – a moving image projection consisting of a sequence of still images ‘of’ Leistavia was created; and the concept of a digital language — written but not spoken — identified: Keyboard, the native language of Hybridia. These elements were assembled for the gallery installation.

    Estonian dance and media artist Kylli Mariste collaborated, and many have given images and thoughts – this project would not have been possible without their contribution.