Catherine Ikam, Louis-Francois Fléri: Elle et la voix

  • ©, Catherine Ikam and Louis-Francois Fléri, Elle et la voix


    Elle et la voix

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Artist Statement:

    Interactive installation at IRCAM, salle Igor Stravinsky

    A meeting with a virtual character, Elle (She), living only in the memory of the computer. Elle is a digital avatar using behavior models. The visitors’ presence and motions of the visitors are analyzed in real-time and allow a first interaction with Elle. Their voices are then captured in real-time and is influencing File’s own voice, thanks to a new voice technology and spatialization from IRCAM. A strange meeting both audio and visual, a first step towards a musical dialogue!

    Virtual Reality Installation by Catherine Ikam and Louis-Francois Fleri Music by Pierre Charvet. Sound Processing: Ircam, Centre Pompidou (Karim Haddad, Geoffrey Peeters, Xavier Rodet and Norbert Schnell) Image processing and detection: Institut Image ENSAM