Charlotte Pochhacker: Spheres

  • ©, Charlotte Pochhacker, Spheres

Artist Statement:

    Salon d’actualite

    This exhibition consists of a multimedia survey on the dynamics and trans-formations in contemporary urban space by Charlotte Pochhacker, in charge of [art.image] and the two-yearly Graz Media + Architecture conference.


    1. A. Muntadas
    2. S. Bitter & H.Weber
    3. Bureau of Inverse Technologies
    4. E. Opsoner
    5. H. Asselsbergh & R. Vissers
    6. Knowbotic Research
    7. M. Muller
    8. Dellbruge & de Moll
    9. R. Bunchoten
    10. Forced Entertainment
    11. M. Kobe+Agency


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