Char Davies: Interior Bodies

  • ©1990, Char Davies, Interior Bodies


    Interior Bodies

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Artist Statement:

    The images Vessel. Blooming and Leaf. Light, are part of an ongoing series entitled Interior Bodies, depicting subjective interior realities of organic phenomena. Vessel Blooming represents internal bodily processes of blossom and flesh: Leaf. light depicts the interior space of a leaf during the process of photosynthesis. Each image is a single ‘frame’ of a three-dimensional temporal world, and was created interactively with the 3D computer-animation software Softimage, on a Silicon Graphics workstation.

    3D computer technology provides me as an artist with an expanded visual language encompassing aspects of painting, sculpture, filmmaking and set design. My interest in this technology as a painter and filmmaker was initially based on a desire to go beyond the picture plane and create within a three-dimensional space. The technology itself is very seductive, perhaps because it denies physical presence and allows the human mind to create in a virtual world where the body cannot enter…