“Root” by Char Davies

  • ©1991, Char Davies, Root
  • Image from immersence.com



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Artist Statement:

    These images explore archetypal correspondences between elements of nature and the organic body/psyche/soul. This work is the result of ongoing research into ways of circumventing visual conventions inherent to 3D computer technology such as linear perspective and ‘objective’ realism, which are, I believe, symptomatic of Western culture’s separation of mind from body, and self from nature. The intent of this research is to create metaphorical images that unify subject/object, interior/exterior, and physical/metaphysical realms of being, in order to reaffirm our essential embeddedness in the world.

    The images are ‘still frames’ of three-dimensional computer-generated scenes, created with the 3D animation software SOFTIMAGE. They are exhibited as backlit transparencies as a means of recreating the luminosity of the computer screen, and to suggest the numinosity of archetypes issuing from a universal, morphogenetic ground.

Other Information:

    Work in exhibition: Interior Bodies series