“Lightbridge (Machines Studies)” by Chris Henschke

  • ©, Chris Henschke, Lightbridge (Machines Studies)
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    Lightbridge (Machines Studies)

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Artist Statement:

    The inaugural showing of a complex work which re-images and recontextualises scientific theories and processes, shifting the empirical perspective and playing with the concept that the observer affects the observed. This affective relationship between observer and observed is, paradoxically, a cornerstone of contemporary particle physics – paradoxical because it opposes the emphasis placed on objectivity within empirical science. Using particle accelerator simulations, the work converts real synchrotron data into unique visual forms visually manifest through a combination of realtime digital 3D modelling, kinetic sculpture and projection mapping. Lightbridge was developed during a Synapse residency at the Australian Synchrotron (2010), supported by the Australia Council and the Australian Network for Art & Technology. This project was supported by the Australia Council, the Australian Network for Art & Technology, and the Australian Synchrotron, through the Synapse residency program.
    Developed in collaboration with Dr Mark Boland, Accelerator Physics, Australian Synchrotron, with X3D programming by Ross Taylor. accelerators.org.au/lightbridge   topologies.com.au

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  • 2013 Henschke Lightbridge
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