“Statements of Profit and Loss” by Gary Warner

  • ©, Gary Warner, Statements of Profit and Loss
  • Image from garywarner.net


    Statements of Profit and Loss

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Artist Statement:

    one/two … red/black … lost/locked … Looped sequences of similar short texts appear briefly on two screens mounted on monochrome boards (one red, one black) and are accompanied by two repeated sounds, with the asynchronous nature of playback causing slight rhythmic shifts. The work is a simple language play of lists; a meditation on the contemporary social fixation on acquisitive selfishness and ‘security’; a reminder of the inevitability of loss; and a poetic allusion to the romanticism of ‘lostness’; while the monochromes evince associative economic and political meanings built up around the colours red and black. Disassembled digital photoframe displays attached to the screens expose the technological complexity underpinning consumer culture, whilst also combining with the screens to present oddly anthropomorphic ‘torso and head’ figures.


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