Clara Boj Tovar, Diego Diaz: Zona de Recreo

  • ©, Clara Boj Tovar and Diego Diaz, Zona de Recreo


    Zona de Recreo

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    Zona de Recreo consists of a multiuser, interactive interface that controls 3D games in real time. By joining physical interfaces and videogames Diego Dias and Clara Boj try to introduce new methods of gameplay that mix physical and virtual elements.

    Zona de Recreo was born from the transformation of a traditional children’s game called Balancing. This work establishes new systems of relations by introducing a physical interface that permits four people to interact in the virtual space of a multiuser game. To physically move the structure, or to explore and navigate within the virtual space, the participant uses their body weight and balance. Zona de Recreo forces us to cooperate and participate in a group from a physical point of view. We have to move the structure collectively in the real. world – a sharp contrast to traditional game design in which collaboration is carried out only in the mediated, virtual realm. Zona de Recreo unites the physical and virtual collaboration in a new videogame system that favours verbal communication between the participants.

    This project is an attempt to challenge the abandonment of urban public space by exploring new ways of interacting that permit users to play games through physical communication and interaction with others.