“Colors Tunnel” by Maurice Benayoun

  • ©2016, Maurice Benayoun, Colors Tunnel
  • ©2016, Maurice Benayoun, Colors Tunnel
  • Photo 1 from art-agenda.com; Photo 2 from highlike.org


    Colors Tunnel

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Artist Statement:

    Opening up the data set that the virtual environment draws from from museum image collections to the Internet, this new tunnel probes issues surrounding colors. Stemming from the notion of “stereotypes” in the original sense of the word, meaning printing plates used to create the same image, the artist questions how images of colors so often used to represent superficial layers of perception, represent and contribute to our understandings of specific shifts in culture. The images are of Hong Kong, tagged with different colors, and are received at random from the web.

    The Colors Tunnel and Borders Tunnel reminds us of what “distance” means between people when it is more than a geographic challenge. The tunnels can be a transient method for the creation of a crossboundary, cross-cultural, cross-social and cross-political space for dialogue. Yet, tunnels are not short cuts. The process of carving, and digging through complex and abundant information and the effort that it takes is key. This is the beginning of a deeper investigation to rediscover the true meaning of distance and the real potential of dialogue.
    Music for these new tunnels are composed by Jean-Baptiste Barrière. benayoun.com/moben/2016/04/20/just-digit