Maurice Benayoun, Jean-Babtiste Barriere: WorldSkin

  • ©, Maurice Benayoun and Jean-Babtiste Barriere, WorldSkin

Artist Statement:

    The visitor is transformed into a virtual tourist equipped with a camera and projected in three-dimensional representations of a battle-field (constituted by news photographs, mostly from Bosnia war). Each time he pulls on pulling the trigger, which progressively reveals itself as that of an automatic weapon, peals off a part of «the skin of the world» : the visual field encompassed by the view-finder subtracted, vanishes out of the world. An investigation of our trouble relationship to war representations.

    Software: Patrick Bouchaud, David Nahon & Kimi Bishop
    Production of the Future lab of the Ars Electronica Center in Linz With the help of ZA production, Barco, and Silicon Graphics France

    1998, France